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Is there a place where to put static data?


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Hi there,

I have an array-list of static email addresses that I would like to use throughout all the system e.g. in PW hooks and templates.

Is there a system-efficient place where to put its statement e.g. in a file that doesn't load each time a page is requested?

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17 hours ago, Zeka said:

You can use config.php if you preffer (API is not ready), but I would go with ready.php and setting().

I think @LAPS wants some place that does NOT load on every request. But all of your mentioned options do load on every request 😉 

How large is that list of E-Mails? 😮 If that is really too much for every request you can put it

  • In some file that you only include() when you need it
  • In a non-autoload module, that you request when needed (eg $modules->get('myemails')->getAll())
  • In a WireCache object that is stored in the Database
  • In a dedicated page + field (eg $pages->get(1234)->emailslist)
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