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Beta testers wanted: CroppableImage with WebP support


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Thanks Horst, that works! I need different sizes of the same crop to use in srcset for responsive images.


I don't understand this. Cannot find the post you mentioned also I'm not aware of resizing issues in general? All versions of CAI, (CAI2, CAI3, CAI4) have created resized variations. ??

I referred to this in your opening post: 

On 3/18/2020 at 5:40 PM, horst said:

C) You can use every known options param. Width, Height, Size is ignored! If you also want create WebPs in one go, please add "webpAdd" => true to the options array, (or webpAdd=1 to the options selector string)!


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@Didjee Ah, now I see. My bad. The part C) explains how to (optionally) pass individual options for the rezising. And in the github readme the second param is described wrong. Its an obsolete function from the CAI3 for creating intermediate AND final images in one go, (what seemed nobody really has understand or used this). Now with CAI4 it behaves more like the core image field. But instead of passing the size|width|height as first argument, you pass the crop name. The second argument can be an individual options array (or for your convenience, a selectorstring representing the individual options). The irritation comes from the old readme. I need to update it to CAI4 changes! Sorry!

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