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Goldkinder Psychotherapie, (Goldkids Psychotherapy)


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Goldkinder Psychotherapie

Website of the child and youth psychotherapist Heike Maßen from Mönchengladbach, Germany. A one-pager that gives an insight into her work and her practice rooms, as well as information about many relevant aspects. 

It's a simple responsive one-pager with a nice design from Uta Hugenbruch. The front end is build without any framework.


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Nice look and feel.

If you allow just a few remarks:

  • On really large screens the main texts are too wide. I would either increase the font-size a bit, or define a max-width to make it more readable.
  • The color contrast is insufficient (way below 1:4.5) for most text. If you care about accessibility, I'd adjust the colors accordingly.
  • There's no h1 anywhere. And also no meta description. For SEO, I would also use a bit more text for <title> than just "Goldkinder".
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33 minutes ago, dragan said:

and right now the site seems to be offline... ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

This seems to have to do with problems at the hosting company. Since yesterday I noticed very slow or even timed out connections with a lot domains and also E-Mail connections, hosted on different machines / IPs, but on the same hosting company. 😞

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