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Peter Knight

Pages disappeared (not in Trash)

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One of my clients says that they created a new news item and that subsequently all their previous news items disappeared (front end and back-end)

The first thing I usually do here is to

1. check the backend and see if they mistakenly set the wrong template on a folder 
2. check the Trash folder for any deleted items
3. search the entire PW backend for stray news items in the folders they should not be in

In all three instances I cannot find any evidence of these news items on their live server.

Any tips on where I might be failing to look? Unfortunately, I don't have any type of activity / changes log module installed.

On a side note, a backup I have from last week has the full list of news items pages. Ultimately I can just restore this but I'd prefer to do a little digging first.


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d($pages->find("template=foo, include=all"));
d($pages->find("title%=foo, include=all")); // with one of the old titles that are now gone in case the template changed

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You can also take a look in the DB.

Get the news template id from table templates, and do a query

FROM `pages`
WHERE templates_id = 58


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