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I have just dipped my toe into the large space that is the ProcessWire wiki.

At the moment, that just means that I have just logged on and am just creating a couple of templates and some other bits and pieces - nothing complicated, I don't have enough time!

Once I have done that, I will start scribbling.

For the moment, all I have done is a half complete help page about starting a new article (click on help in the left navigation), and created two categories - Drafts and Pending.

Hopefully this will help with anything anyone writes which they want to flag up as not finished or need checking. More info on the help page.

Talking of categories - if someone has any good ideas about what categories should be created and how they should be organised - that would be really useful!


(PS: If anyone needs a logon for the Wiki, please ask Ryan, not me!)

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Hi Joss,

thank you for this thread. I was also planning to contribute to this part of the project (as I mentioned in the thread "bookmarks"). I have also some change suggestions / improvement proposals.

Maybe we could begin creating a roadmap for the wiki at the beginning of the next week?

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Hi Exceptionz

There are two things that can happen:

  • Working out the layout (there is nothing to change as there is very little in it)
  • Getting content in

Both can happen at the same time.

As I said above, I have created the categories Drafts and Pending. This means users can enter articles into those categories even without a final structure getting agreed; these articles can be moved to more useful categories later as things get sorted.

The reason I have done this is because I don't have enough time to run the entire wiki, but I do have some notes which I want to put in as I suspect a lot of the more experienced users have (I am just a beginner here!)

The more experienced users will also have a better idea of category headings, I would think!

If you want to add stuff, ask Ryan initially - though I think he might be away for a few days.


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Hi Dave

Yes, it seems that when Ryan sorted out the spam issue, the rights got changed.

I got him to set up a new group so there was a specific trusted users group, but I cant change a users rights - you will need to plead to Ryan or someone that has Bureaucratic rights to change you (and everyone else at the same time, probably)

In the meantime, you can collect things together or let me know anything I can do or post stuff in this thread for safekeeping .....


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Little Update

So, on the help page there is some basic instructions about categories and templates. I have added a simple right sidebar template that you can use for little side notes. Might be good if you want to give a very short howto to accompany the long, detailed version you had just written.

Giving a little thought to redirects - for instance I have created a page called Select Field that redirects to Page Field - might help someone who is knew to the system and is wondering where the select field is!

I have listed all pages on the front page - when the list gets too long we can remove this, but it might help people to see what is there which they may want to help with or what is missing that they may want to add.

I have been putting categories as a sub categories to Processwire to make listing easier later on.

Er... that is about it. Oh, started some waffly thing about pages ... like the jokey one I wrote, but without the jokes! It is just an overview - detailed howto will be separate and flagged up at the top of the article so people can move on in a hurry if they want



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Category Update

The one interesting thing about posting even a couple of tentative articles on the Wiki is that it has made me evaluate the categories from the point of view of Browsing rather than searching.

I something think Wikis rely too much on searching, which assumes people know what to actually search for!

Basically, there is one top level category - Processwire.

Then there are some main categories. These first five are the most important:

  • Fields
  • Templates
  • Template Files
  • Pages
  • Setting Up

Just about everything will have a home in either one of these, or in a sub-category to one of these, for instance Fields > Field Types.

The I have some other main categories which are basically cross referencing:

  • Processwire Concepts
  • Long Tutorials
  • Short Tutorials
  • Code Snippets
  • Useful JQuery
  • Template Frameworks

So, an article that is about pages and is a long tutorial would be put in both Pages and Long Tutorial.

Since articles can belong to more than one category we might as well make use of that to help people wander through the docs.

The key, I hope, is the first five categories. Basically, when you first start (and even much further in) your next question is probably about one of those 5, especially the first 4. So, going to one of those categories will display a list page pages and sub categories that will light up your world!

Or, at least turn up the wick a little....


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