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Lost image and caption at once (edit body: after an image has been added)?


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Hello out there, 

if an image with caption has been saved in body or sidebar (regardless of whether using front-end editing or the usual way) 
and a new one is to be added, the previous image including the caption will be lost. This in case with ticked caption from the Dialog within the Image-Tools.
But if you place the cursor in front of the first picture with caption and add a new one, everything seems to be OK.

I don't have a git-hub account, otherwise I would have posted this issue on "https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues". 

Does anyone else have the issue too, using Version pw 3.0.148?


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Hi August,

as you see on the markers you have selected your previous picture. In that case the picture will be replaced by the newly inserted one.
Just click behind the first picture to remove the selection. When you then insert the next one, it will be put next to the first one.

Good luck!

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Hi ottogal,

the screenshot, just added after the posting. Of course, at my checks before, I 've add the new Image during the old one was not marked (used new row - after caption).

Would you be so kind, to check this too? Thanks a lot.

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