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Get admin page used for module setup


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I created a process module.

From a hook in ready.php, I need to access the full http url for this process module's "page".

<?php namespace ProcessWire;
$info = [
  'title' => 'Sermon Requests',
  'summary' => 'Dashboard for approving users to listen to the sermons archive',
  'author' => 'Joel Szwarga',
  'version' => 1,
  'page' => [
    'name' => 'rolerequests',
    'title' => 'Sermon Requests',

So I need to get the url for:


I need to retrieve this url while just having the name of the module class (In this case, UserRoleRequests)

Because the page's name/url can change, I can't hardcode that part here. I've tried every form of wire()->urls() and modules()->get("UserRoleRequests")->propertyname.

Thought this would be really simple but don't see it anywhere. Is there a $pages->get() selector that can let me use the process module classname as a way to find the admin page?

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13 minutes ago, J_Szwarga said:

Because the page's name/url can change

Why is that? Surely, if you change the name in the module, next time you refresh modules, the name of the page in admin/setup/ will also change?

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