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Save button position fixed


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sometimes a page can be very very long. Having the save e publish buttons at the beginning and at the end of the page is great... but maybe it would be better if these buttons will be always visibile at right top of the page after scrolling.

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A little hack like this for site/ready.php might be enough for that (only tested on desktop and not perfect when it comes to alignment):

$this->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::execute', function($event) {
	$event->return .= "<script>
		$('#pw-content-head-buttons').css('position', 'fixed');
		$('#pw-content-head-buttons').css('right', '5%');


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Admin on Steroids has an option where you can map CTRL + S to the save function. That way you don't even have to care about the button's position (but might be a bit overkill if you only need this module for only this feature).

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