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Change path for assets


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Hi! I have a site that uses a lot of disk space but not so much resources in terms of ram and CPU, I've been wondering if it's possible to change the path where the files are saved? So for example, I'd be able to use Digital Ocean's block storage service which enables more space in another volume. 

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51 minutes ago, BitPoet said:

Why not just mount the volume as site/assets/files and copy the existing folders there?

Because I just didn't know you could to that 😄 Just went through the docs and seems pretty straightforward to do it. Thanks!


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5 hours ago, markus_blue_tomato said:

Hi @elabx,

Currently I do the same in Digital Ocean. But I use in my Droplet a Docker image.

Did you have problems with file permissions? 755 for directories did not work, only 777 😞

I didn't risk to try! Couldn't find the time to explore the possibility for that specific project.

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