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Preview Intranet Application – Office Management


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Hi PW Fans,

I´m developing a little webapp in cooperation with an local tax consultant.

Not really styled so far, the focus in this moment is setting up the functions and logics.

General needs:

- accounting

- rudimentary client organization

- invoice management

- creating invoices

- multi user possibility with different page-permissions

Done so far:

- accounting

The app meets the needs of german bookkeeping for small business. Also it could be used for the so called "Kleinunternehmer" by just setting a checkbox.

Well, the next thing to be done is a export function for "Datev" a german tax software.

If somebody is interested to beta test the suite just put your hand up and I will send a copy (Attention: no multilanguage. Everything is in german).

Some screenshots:




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hi totoff,

Thanks for your comment,

don´t know freefibu yet, looks quite interesting.

It looks like a tool to save the expense for a tax consultant, which is not the purpose of my app.

The app, once i´ve finished, should support customers creating their files for the yearly tax in collaboration with their tax consultant.

It ´s just a small little tool to help you with your business and the bookkeeping part is just a part.

Before I discovered Processwire I developed the app completely from scratch in PHP/MySQL and decided then to port it into the PW CMF to gain the benefits from PW like User Management.

So the purpose is to give you the ability to manage your invoices, your bookkeeping, your customers in one place and to be the master of your data.

sounds and looks good. would like to help you and try it if it doesn't take toooooo much time

If you want I can send you the Site Profile, which contains the bookkeeping part, the other parts are still in development.

You only need a fresh installation of PW.

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Hello Luis,

i would also like to test your suite. i'm from germany and work for a tax consultant, so i could test the consistency regarding german laws.

could you put the site profile on github or anything else, so that everyone could look into it?

what is your desired audience? small businesses working as free lancer?


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still developing but here is a little preview of the accounting and the system settings module.

sorry for the bad quality, first time screenrecording on the mac.

the videos show the actual frontend, every data is generated from there.

my aim is to use the backend from PW as a maintenance system.

in the settings module video you could see me creating "mitarbeiter" (employees) , they are created as $user, so every employee got his own login data and you could assign the supposed role according to what he is allowed to do and see in the system.

enough words. :)

Part 1: the settings module


Part 2: the account module


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Hi soma,

thank you :)

Did you finally use the DataTable jQuery thingy?

Yes, I´ve implemented the following: http://datatables.net/blog/Twitter_Bootstrap

And you are right, lots of work ;)

But the main part is already finished, as I mentioned in previously posts, I started to develop the app in PHP/MySQL., think round about 6 months ago before I discovered PW.

I´m now just porting it to PW. So no more needs to think about the core functionality.

Once i´ve finished I benefit from a deep insight into PW and know what could be done with PW.

Well at this moment I don´t really know what couldn´t be done with PW :D

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As yesterday promised, the preview of the actual version.

This Video shows the dependencies of the single modules.

Dependencies of clients, invoices and accounting.

Creating a client, creating a quotation assigned to this client, converting the quotation into an invoice, adding some invoice items and finally close the invoice and handle it over to the accounting module.


For those interested I attached a screenshot of the pagetree:


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  • 2 weeks later...

Amazing application! Really makes it clear how deep ProcessWire can go as an app builder!

I would be thrilled to take part in testing and documentation.

There are many interesting elements in this application, but the two that stand out for me right away:
- Data tables
- Customized entry forms


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Hi Matthew,

i´m sorry, but i´m actually not seeking more beta testers.

Almost 80% of the core developement has been completed.

I´m now in huddle-together-mode and will create a new preview Video by next week.

Please take note that this is a commercial project of mine.

But I will write a detailed Case-Study after release of v1.0.

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