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finding a repeater in pages by repeater subfield

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I want to return a repeater object in my pages by matching the value of a field within the repeater.  In docs, it says repeater can be treated like a page, but what does that mean for this sort of case?

for example, my repeater might be named:  'word_object', which includes fields 'this_word', 'definition', etc.

and i want to return a word_object where the field 'this_word' == 'apple'

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To find all pages where the repeater field word_object has a field this_word with value apple you can use subfield selectors

$pageArray = $pages->find("word_object.this_word=apple")

This will return a PageArray with all those pages.

Now to get all the word_object repeater fields from this PageArray, you can use the  WireArray explode method

$repeatersArray = $pageArray->explode("word_object")

This will return an array with all the repeater fields. You can now foreach through this array and output whatever you need.

You could also chain this to a single operation

$repeatersArray = $pages->find("word_object.this_word=apple")->explode("word_object")


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