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Pre-populate InputfieldSelector

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I am using InputfieldSelector in a custom module. I would like to pre-populate it based on a PW selector (e.g. "template=Booking, bookableSlotPage=8527, bookableSlotPage.tickets>0"). Using initValue will pre-select the template, but I would also like to have the initial display show the field filters as well. Is there a way of doing this in PW or do I need to devise some method of doing it with js?

By way of context, I am using this for dynamic email lists for my club membership system. The "dynamic" nature of the list is stored as a selector in a field which can then be used by the email function. To date, this has been done by just entering the selector as raw text. I now want to make this easier for 'normal' users by using the InputfieldSelector (in a runtime_markup field) to provide a user-friendly way of creating the selector. But then I need the page to show the initial InputfieldSelector to represent the selector stored in the field, for backwards-compatibility, if nothing else.

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3 hours ago, MarkE said:

I would also like to have the initial display show the field filters as well

Use the defaultSelector property instead of initSelector if you want the user to be able to see (and therefore change) the selector in the filters section.

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5 hours ago, Robin S said:

Use the defaultSelector property

Thanks, but I don't seem to be able to set that directly.

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47 minutes ago, MarkE said:

I don't seem to be able to set that directly

Oh right, I was thinking about InputfieldSelector in the context of Lister.

You just set the value of the inputfield:

$f = $this->wire('modules')->InputfieldSelector;
$f->name = 'test_selector';
$f->label = 'Test InputfieldSelector';
$f->value = "template=news_item, colours.title=Blue";


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Many thanks @Robin S. I had previously tried that, but it didn't work - hence my comment about not being able to set it directly. I now realise that the  cause of that was that I had previously set initValue, to disable changing the template. After that, setting value with the full selector does not work - it is necessary to first remove the "template=..." from the selector. Thanks for giving me the confidence that I was setting it correctly so that I persisted in hunting down the "feature".

So - adding a regex to split the selector into template (for initValue) and non-template (for value) components works a treat.

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