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List of PW modules on Packagist: 



Makes me wonder - should all module authors be submitting their modules to this list, especially now that PW 3.0 will have composer support?

Does it have composer support for modules though? If the autoload hasn't changed it probably wouldn't work.

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Thanks for finding this Kongondo!  Of course, I could not resist posting a comment to the article!

Hopefully, we'll see the "Dirt" author here on the forum soon, as I think he has a great way of communicating important aspects of ProcessWire.  Or perhaps he's already here?



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Also by the same man: "My @Quora answer to Why is WordPress so bad? And are there any real alternatives? https://t.co/gPDpgw1uP3"

Quora seems a good place (where) to make people aware of ProcessWire's existence and uniqueness.

Eg.: https://www.quora.com/topic/Content-Management-Systems-CMS

Eg.: "What/which is the best.../the most.../a good... for...", etc.

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