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Thanks for that MichaMichaMicha,

At first I was excited about the article...people have been waiting for this....Then reading it, it turns out (not-so-under the hood) this is an article about WordPress! What cheek! Underneath all the veneer about talking about PW, he/she is just bashing PW and not really saying much about its strength. Nothing about its raw power! I don't think the writer has even used PW before!! What a load of tosh! My frustration is not vented at you....but the writer of the article... That was supposed to be an intro...for crying out loud!  >:(

Agreed, but I guess PW has never had this many tweets about it as in the last two hours:


any publicity is good publicity

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As I've already commented under the article: It seems like there was an internal job called "write something about processwire" and somebody decided to give it a go because there was nothing else to do and he was bored or something. All his other (wordpress) articles are packed up with images, code examples and so on. It's a shame :/

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I haven't spent a lot of time at tutsplus, but get the impression the article is not consistent with what you guys expect from them. Maybe they are just testing the waters to see if there's any interest before investing more time into it? But the article should not have been titled "Introduction to ProcessWire", it should have instead been "A quick look at ProcessWire from a WordPress perspective" – I think the article would have been just fine with that as the title. 

What I do know about tutsplus.com is that it says Envato on it – a business that largely exists because of WordPress (?). So I'm not entirely surprised by the content of the article. If the choice is them writing something or nothing, I'll take something. 

The article left me with these impressions: If I'm a WordPress user that doesn't know anything about code, I'm probably not going to look at PW after reading this. But if I'm a full time, or hobbyist web developer that uses WordPress, this article is probably going to make me take a closer look at PW. From that perspective, it's alright. Maybe the article is lacking relative to what it could have been, but we are still better off with this article than without it. The article had a lot more good to say about PW than it did bad. I just hope that they follow through with Tweeting it to their half a million followers, which they've not done yet–we could really benefit from that. Yes there are a lot of Tweets about the article, but looks to be mostly just low-follower bots, and we haven't seen any real increase in traffic here from that. 

There wasn't a lot of blatantly inaccurate stuff like in that other WordPress-centric article from a year or two ago. I've only read it once so far, but the only thing that made me cringe was the word "mature" in quote "ProcessWire, and its lack of a mature theming model...", which I think is not the right choice of words because there is no theming modal by design, and that is one of the points of ProcessWire. The correct thing to say would have been "If you want to create a website without any development, use a ready-to-go theme with WordPress. If you want to develop a website and have control over the output, use ProcessWire." 

Hopefully they are just testing the waters and will publish a real introduction to ProcessWire… one where we can tell they've actually downloaded and installed it, and taken the time to learn a little and develop something in it. Or what they should probably do is hire someone like @teppokoivula to write an article for them… someone that already knows ProcessWire well, and knows how to communicate that.

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It is the title that ticked me off. For an 'experienced' publisher like tutsplus I expected at least the title to match the contents. For such a big outfit, my cynical side is telling me they knew exactly what they were doing....they know that was not an introduction to ProcessWire. Compare that to this introduction to Craft CMS. OK, so the authors are different but I expect articles are not published without going through some editorial process. Anyway, am good now... :-)


Ah, I see, Felix also commented about the Craft CMS intro...

Edited by kongondo
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Unfortunately in this crazy world, sometimes business interests (Envato, ThemeForest, tutsplus = $$$$) comes before integrity, honesty and a true technical review of some CMS/Frameworks.  I must admit that I sincerely believed that tutsplus (as a professional entity) would redeem themselves with a fair and honest review of ProcessWire.

Fortunately, our platform has a great future which is based solely on technical innovation and not hype.   These types of reviews will not stop the rapid adoption of ProcessWIre by talented and knowledgeable individuals.  Our community may be small but it's composed mainly of the highest level multi-talented designers and developers.

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I have always liked Tuts+ but this article on ProcessWire is really deeply disappointing.  The idea of setting it up as "ProcessWire vs WordPress" is weird and biased from the start. The theme of the article is essentially this: "The way WordPress does things is good. Does ProcessWire do things like WordPress?  If not, that's bad."  It's the old flawed "more is better" argument: WordPress must be better because it has more plugins, more people in the community, etc.

I'm preparing to add my voice of criticism to the responses.

If we all write in about the faults of the article, we can turn this into a positive for ProcessWire.  They say the community is small?  Well, maybe it's smaller than WordPress.  But let's show them that smaller community does not mean less energy or commitment!



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I can see why some might feel frustrated with the article, but to be honest, I don't think it's bad at all. Sure, the quality of the text itself isn't exactly professional, there are no images (quick, someone send him some screenshots!) and the WordPress comparison does feel slightly awkward.

Still, most of the points the author makes are entirely acceptable – and even sensible:

  • If you just want to set up a site and don't want to touch or learn any code at all, you're probably better off with other systems.
  • It's true that our community is relatively small. On the other hand the author does mention that "small community translates into striving for quality over quantity", "it has a different target audience", and even goes on to say that "if you run into a problem, you are likely to get a complete answer from the developer or other knowledgeable users on the ProcessWire forums".
  • The author explains how customizable ProcessWire is and how effortless the upgrade process is, especially compared to WordPress.
  • The author actually seems to understand the concept of "Page". Big props for that.

In fact, after re-reading the article, I'm not sure I see much reason to be frustrated anymore. The "pros" of ProcessWire are explained nicely, most "cons" are just facts, and in general I don't think that the article is intended to "bash" ProcessWire at all.

For anyone even moderately interested in actual web development the article actually makes ProcessWire sound really good, and even the WordPress connection makes sense when you think about it a bit. WordPress is probably what most, if not all, of their readers use or are otherwise familiar with, and if comparing ProcessWire to WordPress makes it easier to grasp, that's fine by me :)

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ProcessWire would probably really benefit from being listed at https://developers.google.com/webmasters/mobile-sites/website-software/index?hl=en and having its own page like it is already the case for:

- WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Blogger, vBulletin, Tumblr, DataLife Engine, Magento, Prestashop, Bitrix, Google Sites, Typepad (external site), Squarespace (external site) and Wix (external site).

See "How do I make my site mobile friendly?" and "If your website software isn’t listed or you have any feedback, feel free to fill in this form.".

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@diogo - I've had this suspicion for a while that someone at Google likes us - ever since I realised posts on this forum are indexed on Google within minutes, which doesn't usually happen on such a relatively small forum (at least to my knowledge).

Now this has happened - this doesn't seem to crop up for some of the "major" systems out there so... thanks Google! :)

(Or if it's just that Ryan has been applying the correct schema's in the HTML then thanks Ryan).

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I can see why some might feel frustrated with the article, but to be honest, I don't think it's bad at all.


"ProcessWire, and its lack of a mature theming model, is simply not the right choice for that use case"

"If your programming skills are not that great, you are going to find it difficult to go ahead with ProcessWire"

"You can’t really do much without coding skills"

About Processwire:

The vast majority of Processwire users came from other cms/cmf system(s) they were using before.

So, a good article about Processwire would for example write about the reason why people

choose Processwire over another (established) cms/cmf system.

So far so good, but let's go on a bit.

The majority of Wordpress users only know Wordpress. If not, and they would have been using other cms/cmf systems before, then would they really end up with using Wordpress ?

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