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2 hours ago, adrian said:

On a WP.com

Likewise IE/Edge is for downloading a browser, WP.com is for spreading the word about the best CMSes 😀

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4 minutes ago, bernhard said:

~488 websites listed here using ProCache: https://nerdydata.com/search?query=%2Fsite%2Fassets%2Fpwpc%2Fpwpc

I think you need quotes to get accurate results. How about this one:


Although I don't think the total count is relevant, but definitely show some sites I haven't seen, especially of interest is: https://www.payrexx.com/

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1 hour ago, adrian said:

especially of interest is: https://www.payrexx.com/

Thanks for that one! Edit: Still seems mollie.com is better for my needs. But don't want to get offtopic...

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    • By thomassausen
      it seems to me there are some PW-users in Germany, but is there a community site in progress? I am using ExpressionEngine for 5 years now. I did several client projects but had difficulties to "sell" EE to clients. ProcessWire could be my next main-CMS. At the moment I rebuild some of my old sites with ProcessWire. Yesterday I talked to a web agency about PW. They said "Well, PW seems to be great but it's unknown in Germany. We do have work for WordPress, Contao or Joomla." I showed them http://webkrauts.de/artikel/2012/processwire but their reaction was like "Ok, nice. But can you do the next project with Contao or WordPress? Because our clients heard about these CMS before."
      ExpressionEngine has similiar problems in Germany, but costs money. I worked on a german Community-site für ExpressionEngine, but then EllisLab changed their pricing structure and philosophy. So I'm leaving EE and there will probably never a german EE-site. But what's about a german Community site? Is anybody working on this or would like to participate?