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Error retrieving modules directory data (ProcessWireUpgradeCheck)


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I believe the directory itself is the issue, it is "broken" at the moment. Broken because it forwards HTTP to HTTPS and this causes the check to fail, because the non-HTTPS url is hardcoded in the config file.

Edit: So this is happening on all sites since yesterday. I tracked down the issue to the non-SSL service URL in the wire/config.php file.

You can fix it by changing the $config->moduelServiceURL in your site/config.php like this:

$config->moduleServiceURL = 'https://modules.processwire.com/export-json/';


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This is fixed: in the latest dev version wire/config.php points to the HTTPS URL of the modules directory, and the modules directory also again accepts HTTP connections (which should guarantee backwards compatibility).

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Hate to bring it up again, but for some reason I am getting really spotty results from this.

Looking at the code I get spotty results - sometimes it loads but most of the time I get no module data - just processwire dev and core.

Anyone else having issues with connecting?

Running this:

$mod = $this->modules->get('ProcessWireUpgradeCheck');
db($mod->getModuleVersions(false, true));

in the tracy console gives me null for the getModuleVersions function.

When I try the $url that it generates manually, I get a result no problem.

I have session DB enabled. Perhaps a timeout someplace?


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