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SOLVED: PageArray weirdness

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Edit, solved using Bitpoets suggestio below.


Lets say I wish to split navigation into primary and secondary navigation in the header area, but then in the mobile navigation I wish to have all the pages visible at the same spot.

I make two new pageArrays, first one includes:

Home, Products, Services

and the second:

Query, Media, Contact

I create the mobile navigation using a yet another pageArray in the simplest way I know:

$mobile_menu = new PageArray();

$homepage = $pages->get(1);
$mobile_menu = $homepage->children;
$mobile_menu = $mobile_menu->prepend($homepage);

// Lets render the whole thing
echo renderNav($mobile_menu);

But instead of spitting out all the pages, it only outputs:

Home, Product, Services

Shouldn't a new pageArray "begin from scratch" instead of inheriting something from another pageArray?
Do I need to do a removeAll after each use of a pageArray or is there some standard way of going about this that doesn't get so messy?

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You want to write that line:

$mobile_menu = $homepage->children;

in one of a few different ways, e.g.:

// or, though no need to create a new PageArray beforehand in this case:
$mobile_menu = $homepage->children->makeCopy();

to avoid any caching issues and avoid changing "builtin" PageArrays. If you directly assign $homepage->children, $mobile_menu points to the already loaded instance of the children PageArray of $homepage and your new, empty PageArray gets discarded. Repeated calls to $pages->get(1) are cached and return the page object already in memory. I can only guess since you didn't post that part of the code, but it looks like you may have inadvertently manipulated $homepage->children when you built your main navigation. Make sure to use add() or makeCopy() in that part too.

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Cheers BitPoet, I'll make some changes and see if it works. 

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