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Problemwith database credentials during installation

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I´m new to processwire and not a developer but I´ll do what I can and now im kind of stuck because I don´t know how to retrieve the information I need. Here are my steps during installation.

1. I downloaded and installed xampp

2. I downloaded processwire zip and extracted it in the apache file. I used google to find out

3. I started installation of processwire with localhost

4. I got stuck where I have to type in the credentials for DB user, DB host and so on.

So I checked google again and I tried several config files

My question is now. Where do I find those credentials? Or do I make them up and type them in the config file? I already tried this step but it didn´t work.

Thank you in advance.

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You need to create a database and a user for the database before you complete that part of the PW installation process. Then you will know the database name, user name, and password for the user.

I'm not a XAMPP user but I'm pretty sure that it comes bundled with phpMyAdmin. So you open phpMyAdmin in your browser (probably at http://localhost/phpmyadmin) and then the quickest way is to create the user and database in one step at User accounts > Add user account


After you have created the user/database then you will know the user name, database name (which will be the same as the user name) and the password so you can complete the PW installation process.

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