Words of encouragement from the Pub's amateur psychiatrist

(Read best in a soft spoken, German accent)

Ah, you are here because you have been reading things in this forum about pages that have left you confused, disorientated, befuddled.

You thought you knew what a page was - you have been thumbing through them, folding them, studying them, wrapping things up in them and scrolling up and down them for most of your life!

A page is this solid item - this great lump of data stuffed with things.

But now you have come to Processwire, and everything you thought was true, simply isn't any more.

For in Processwire pages are completely different - they are not great gulps of information, but tiny little things, nothing more than a link to the more interesting world of fields and templates; just a little blip of data in your huge fascinating database.

Pages in Processwire are used for all kinds of things. They can be used as a marker in your pages list. They can be used as a group parent for other pages. They can be used as categories, tags or lists or users. And they can even be used for simple drop-down selects - just to supply a label and value.

It can seem crazy to use such an iconic thing like a page for such a mundane and trivial task! But don't worry and fret, don't lose sleep or pace the floor as you think the reputation of the noble page is being crushed!

In Processwire, they are fulfilling their duty to the full - and the more slight the task, the more they bound up to the wall and jump up and down shouting "use me, use me!"

And, as a bonus, they can even be used for content - for all that stuff you thought was a page, but in Processwire isn't!

So, don't be put off by the Processwire page - use it for everything! it is much smaller than you think, takes up hardly any space at all, is well behaved and only will do its thing when it is called.

In fact it is hardly a page at all .... and then again, it is also so much more!!

Better now?

Joss Freud