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Get description from File field


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i created a repeater-field with an file-field in it.
I get the filename with this code:

foreach ($page->Downloads as $download) {
	$ext = pathinfo($download->Datei, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
	$content .= "<i class='material-icons mr-2 float-left'>save_alt</i>";
	$content .= "<a target='_blank' href='".$download->Datei->url.$download->Datei."'>".$download->Datei->Beschreibung."</a> <span class='btn-secondary pl-1 pr-1'>".$ext."</span><br />";

But i cant get the description (Beschreibung) from the file-field.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks, Felted


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The machine names of system fields are always in english, so you need to access the description like this:

$description = $download->Datei->description();

By the way, there's also a utility method for the file extension:

$extension = $download->Datei->ext();

Also, if your Repeater only contains the file field, you could also get rid of the Repeater altogether and just allow multiple files on the "Datei" field. Then you could iterate it directly:

foreach ($page->Datei as $file) {
    $url = $file->url();
    $ext = $file->ext();
    $description = $file->description();
    // output download links here ...

Look up the Pagefile API documentation for a list of all available utility methods.

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