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404 & infite loop in visiting root URL


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Good afternoon,

We deployed a Processwire website to our live environment and this goes without any problems.

Only when I sign in to the backend of the website, it is not possible anymore to surf to the root URL of the website (https://websitename.com). This results in a 404 page or an infinite loop of the never ending white  & empty loading screen.

However, it is possible to visit all other pages on the website, only the 'homepage' cannot be visited.

We only encounter this problem on our company's hosting, I do not encounter this problem on my personal hosting. We do not run into this problem with other Processwire websites on the same platform..

We asked our hosting provider to look into this, but this without any success, he does not seem to encounter any peculiarities in the website logs.

Anyone had this problem before?

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Thank you very much for the reply.

Yes, we tried all of these options.

The problem seems to be fixed for now by turning off Tracy Debugger and our Hosting provider made some changes as well. Because of that I do not really know what actually fixed the problem, but I'm glad it is actually fixed.

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