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Hi all.

Just thought I'd add the updated site I made for the Judo/BJJ club I run. For some odd reason I decided I wanted to try making a single-page website but still use ProcessWire's great page management tools.

The site uses the excellent Template Engine Twig module (slightly modified to work with Twig 3) and dynamically builds itself using the page tree (no hard-coded sections).

I'm no great designer, but using the above along with Bootstrap 4 and some probably-excessive animate-on-scroll effects I think it looks clean enough to differentiate itself from more standard martial arts websites.

Anyways, you can visit the site at http://jkma.club and hopefully enjoy!

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Hi Nicolas

Thanks! I'm not usually one for single page sites but I thought it would be an interesting challenge.

I sent a pull request just after I made the changes to work with Twig 3. Not sure how my changes would affect compatibility with earlier versions of Twig (I believe they added namespace support to at least Twig 2 but not sure) so I don't know if my changes could be accepted as-is. Having said that, using composer to install the module as is required anyway installs Twig alongside, so the module would essentially come with Twig 3 anyway.

I have come across a bug but I don't know if that is related to my changes or not - disabling automatic template rendering made it so I could not have any '%' characters in my templates outside of the Twig tags themselves. Re-shuffling things to allow myself to re-enable automatic rendering works fine though, and I had a deadline so didn't investigate further.

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