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User can't see Trash from tree

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I have added a user with restricted permissions; there are two templates that I have allowed them to delete. When you go into a page that belongs to one of these two templates the Delete tab is there and they can move it to the trash. They cannot see the trash though.

What is missing though is if they hover over a page belonging to one of these templates is the Trash button.

  1. Is this expected behaviour (because the user cannot see the trash)?
  2. Is there any way to give a non-superuser the tree view Trash button for templates they can delete? I am not bothered about them seeing the trash in this instance but it is a shame they have to go into the page to delete it when there is potentially a button that can do it from the tree view.
  3. I did fund a thread where Ryan said non-superusers cannot be given access to the trash — does this still stand?

Thank you!

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