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Fieldset (Page) as fieldset type "Tab"


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I'm using Fieldset (Page) a lot for my sites. But unlikey the field only support fieldset as fieldset type.

Is there any support to choose the fieldset type for Fieldset (Page), like it is supported for Fieldset (Group)?

Example of the fieldset type selection for Fieldset (Group):




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I was a pretty confused here, but I see now that FieldsetGroup is a Pro Module and FieldsetPage isn’t. Maybe ask in the ProFields-Support board? Otherwise you’ll have to compare the two modules’ code.

I assume you’ve already ruled out creating a standard FieldsetTab and putting it around your FieldsetPage? I just tried that and it looks fine to me. @rjgamer @Neue Rituale


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You mean like this?



Use this very hackish hook and replace the word “tabcontents” with the name of your FieldsetPage field:

$this->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::execute', function(HookEvent $event) {
    $event->return = $event->return . '<script>document.querySelector("#wrap_Inputfield_tabcontents > label.InputfieldHeader").remove();</script>';

Might want to only apply it to certain templates, too, but whatever. Sorry, I couldn’t find an easy way to remove the element from the output directly, but this should be fine.

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