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Do clients always see Fieldset_tabs?


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Am just in the process of going over my new profile and making it as user friendly as possible.

I'vs started putting things into fieldset tabs as I think it makes things look a lot neater and less overwhelming.

I was just interested if any of you have noticed whether or not clients can sometimes miss these?

Do you only really store fields in there that are not critical?

I'm thinking of mainly using it for media but on a portfolio item for example, I don't really want them forgetting to upload an image or two...

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Personally, I think form design is a constant accident waiting to happen.

Have you got a screen shot of what you are talking about?

I think I often favour the wizard approach where the first page of the wizard has all the mandatory stuff.

Though a cleverer approach is to allow some one to save a form with empty fields, but not allow publishing in that state. Is that possible in PW, by the way?

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would be possible, but I think it´s some core stuff.

My solution would be the page selector in the template.

If ($page_should_be_saved_with_empty_field -> very_important_field)

render it


!render it

should be the easiest to fit your need.

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Haha, thanks for the replies, I see this was one topic with no replies!

It's mainly for the media on pages which aren't galleries, so they're not critical but it's a shame when they don't use images for the billboard area which makes the site look better (in my opinion).

On the flipside, if I have all fields in one place, things can get a little busy.

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