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unable to upload images on new server


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Hi. I've been using Processwire for a few years now and installed it on a few different shared hosting servers without issues, but I'm now running into an issue on a Fasthosts shared server that I've not seen before. The installation goes ok and I have a working default site profile but I am unable to complete any uploads of images. It just hangs at the progress spinner during the upload. I thought it might be a priviledge issue so have temporarily set the dir / file privs. as 777 / 666 just to test that but it made no difference. I have no errors in the wire log. In server error log I have:

 set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in ....htdocs/wire/core/ImageSizerEngine.php on line 1035

and i note in the assets/file dir. where the image is being stored the date on the file being created has a year of 1970 and 0 length. If I leave the page this file disappears and nothing has been stored. 

Does anyone know how I can enable set_time_limit if this is likely to be the problem? 

Many thanks! Paul

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14 hours ago, dragan said:

you can temporarily put it inside your _init.php file, or your template (or I guess even in site/config.php).

Perhaps you can set it in .htaccess too (depends on the server setup).

I had no luck with any of the above, in the _init or config.php it gave an error as it's disabled by the host and in .htaccess the site did not run it just displayed a config error.   Fasthosts have replied to my question saying there is no option to use set _time_limit on shared hosting. (see below)

As a workaround I have commented out the set_time_limit call in the core and it works ok - for now...




Please be advised that settings in the shared hosting are set to default thus there is no option to adjust the set_time_limit. Can you try disabling the .htaccess file to see if it works?
Thanks again for contacting us.


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Thanks Horst. I created a test file with echo phpinfo() and found in the core table output the following listed as disabled:

disable_functions   shell_exec ,exec, system, popen, set_time_limit

this for both local and master value columns in the table.

i note your comments about switching or upgrading host!




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