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What it takes to have Apple and Netflix as a client

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    • By FrancisChung
      I recently discovered a show called Final Space and it's been a revelation so far with very entertaining characters and humour to boot.
      They have an all star voice lineup including David Tennant, Steven Yuen, Conan O'Brien, Ron Perlman, Caleb McLaughlin etc

      It's kinda like a blend of Futurama & Rick & Morty with an ongoing plot like a normal TV series, rather than having storylines that are confined to each episode only.

      Check it out if you're a fan of the above shows.

    • By alexcapes
      I've been invited by Apple to use their 'News' service for a publication in the UK. https://www.apple.com/uk/news/
      A number of CMSs already have plugins to publish content via the API, however Processwire is not one (yet!)
      It's slightly beyond my technical abilities but would be very interested in anyone that is willing to look at developing a Processwire Module.
      (for reference here is the Apple News API documentation)
      Update: Chapter Three have created a PHP Apple News library here https://github.com/chapter-three/AppleNewsAPI
    • By NoremPload
      i love the new  Front-End Page Editor, but as always there are some troubles with good old apple ;(
      i have a text field, a text-area field an an image with activated front end editing. everything works fine on desktop, on android and on older iOS devices.
      But with iOS10 apple ignores user-scalable=no, so if i doubletap on the edit region, the text zooms. it works on the image but not on the text. 
      any ideas to make it work again ?
      thx !
    • By mikeuk
      I'm looking at setting up a development 'shop' that is something along the lines that some Drupal dev companies are offering large enterprises, but focused on small business clients and a complete service (development, marketing, e-commerce potentially, administration and support). I'd like to base it on one CMS platform. I know Drupal and Joomla pretty well (as a developer), and basic knowledge, growing, with Processwire and see no barrier there.
      As a system, if it was for me only, I would go with Processwire. However, the main objective here is a service that will both produce quality websites (which I'm confident I can do with this) and also a business that will work and be attractive.
      So the question is, do you think Processwire is the right tool? The obvious disadvantage is the brand recognition, strongest with Joomla, stronger with Drupal (in my experience, most passively interested business owners have heard of Joomla). It seems in the wider field, currently ModX and Concrete5 have slighter better brand recognition that this. Interested in your thoughts on this.
      I've added a poll for a quick way to give an opinion, but would prefer comments
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