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ProCache Error 410 on Css file


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I am using ProCache v3.1.8 on ProcessWire 3.0.96.

Everything worked fine in the past, but today I noticed that the css file serverd by procache gives a 410 error. 
The file is there, I checked.
I deleted the cached files, I deleted the css file, I looked into the .htaccess file looking for some clues about this problem but nothing worked.
The only way i can see my website correctly again is disabling ProCache. 
Has anyone any clue on what could be the cause of the problem or on what should I do to fix it?


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43 minutes ago, verdeandrea said:

css file serverd by procache gives a 410 error. 

but your forum topic read "ProCache Error 401".

Which error is it? 


Is the same error shown also to guest-users (non-logged in)?

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Error 410 means the file is gone. Which is weird for me as I never saw a 410 in ProcessWire anywhere. A 404 for sure, but never a 410.

I'd probably check my ProCache call in my template file(s) and either use another method or just disable minify/combine and everything else just to dig through everything. Are all your CSS/Less/Scss/SASS files in place? Are their errors in them? Are mixins missing or anything that might break creating your CSS output.

Maybe you could should us your code you use to call ProCache, the rendered HTML output or give us a link to the site - maybe there is more.

There are quite a bit of places to look for possible issues. But to be honest, I don't think it's ProCache itself. It's more likely that a file is missing/corrupt or something like that.

This for example is my ProCache call in a recent project. That one build.less file is the only file I need as it imports all other files. ProCache takes care of compiling and minifying it. 

<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo $procache->css('assets/css/build.less'); ?>">

How do you use ProCache? What are your settings? How many other CSS files are there?

Last but not least... why didn't you post in the ProCache support forum? ? 

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Hey @verdeandrea!

Questions related to ProCache should be posted to the ProCache VIP support area here on the forums. When you bought ProCache you should've gotten access to this area, but if you didn't, please send a message to Ryan.

The modules/plugins area of the forum is intended for third party module support threads (one per module), so I'm moving this thread to general support. Please let me know if you want it moved to the ProCache support area instead ?

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