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New post: Login Register Pro (module)

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This week we’ll take a look at LoginRegisterPro — a new module that provides an all-in-one, self contained module for providing new user registration, secure logins, profile editing, and more. It does this all in a manner that is reliable, efficient, comprehensive and secure.

As we continue preparing the ProcessWire core dev branch to become our new master, I've been trying to stay hands-off on new feature additions there as much as possible (till the new master is out), and instead focusing on finishing up modules I've had in development. Last time I told you about the UserActivity module, and this time we’ll look at LoginRegisterPro, which is another module dealing with users; though significantly larger in scale/scope.

LoginRegisterPro is a module I've been working on for more than a year, and finally this month have it ready to share. While I don't have it available for download today I do expect to have a beta release as soon as early next week. Read this week’s post for more details—


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@ryan, thanks for this new module - really looking forward to getting my hands on it!

One important thing that I think is missing though is support for Image fields (the screenshots say no File fields and I figure this means no Image fields either). It's a really common need to allow avatar/profile images for members. A simple file input would suffice, but of course it would great to have things like preview before upload, front-end image resizing, and progress bar for upload (especially if front-end resizing isn't possible).

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@Robin S I agree and this is already in progress. It's not in the first version but is in the next one—here's the relevant section from the draft documentation:


Regarding file/image fields, support is planned and custom file/image fields are in development for this purpose. We cannot use ProcessWire’s core file/image fields because they are intended only for input use in an admin environment with trusted users. File uploads require special security considerations (like with FormBuilder), especially because they come from users that can register and create their own account. For this reason, I'm taking extra time to focus on that and do it in as secure a manner as possible, but didn't want to delay version 1 of LoginRegisterPro while it was developed. File and image uploads will be available on user profile forms (i.e. confirmed users), but not registration forms (before users are confirmed). 


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