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How to add a "favorite" to PageListActions

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Hi @All

I am trying to add an link to field "favorite" (checkbox) in the backend in the row "Edit, New, View... Favorite", A link should imitate the field favorite and when you click on it, it should check/uncheck field without editing the page.
I assume there is a solution on the forum, but after wide search, couldn't find it. Tried to add it in "List of fields to display in the admin Page List" but you cant check it without editing the page.

PW: 3.0.146
PHP: 7.3.5


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I've never tried to add a custom page list action myself, but it definitely seems possible, since it's hookable. I've found a few forum threads that could get you on the right track:





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here is ProcessPageToggle module and it is almost the same like @dragan post link to another forum thread, or what can be found inside Processwire Copy/Clone module.
This is basic variant and need to be configured inside file, as example:

// ProcessPageToggle.module

// set action button label
protected $actionLabel = 'Favorite';
// set page template(s)   
protected $templates = array('blog');
// set page checkbox field name    
protected $targetField = 'favorite';


Download, edit, and install like any other PW module.


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