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Images In Repeaters Not Uploading for Editors

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Hi all,

This is for an existing site with a new page template and new repeaters - PW v 3.0.42

For the new template there are a couple of repeater fields with image fields as child fields. The super user can upload images to the image fields within the repeaters but any other uses (e.g. editors) can't. The image appears to upload then disappears. This is true for all the repeaters in this page template.

I remember from some time ago that permissions needed to be setup explicitly (rather than inherited) for these fields so I have set edit permissions explicitly for the page template, repeater and repeater sub-fields but still the editors can't upload images.

Any ideas / thoughts gratefully received!

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7 hours ago, prestoav said:

PW v 3.0.42

First thing to try would be updating the core in case it's a fixed issue - at least to the latest stable version but I recommend going with the latest dev. From what Ryan has said the dev is going to become the new stable any day now, and in general the dev is never that unstable anyway - I always build new sites on the latest dev.

If that doesn't fix it the solution is probably to grant edit access to the system repeater template, i.e. repeater_your_field_name. It's never been clear to me why users with edit access to the repeater field shouldn't have edit access to the repeater template.

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