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ProcessHelpVideos - provide help videos to content editors


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Although the PW backend is really intuitive, ever so often my clients need some assistance. Be it they are not so tech savvy or they are not working in the backend often.
For those cases it is nice to make some help videos available to editors. This is what this module does.

ProcessHelpVideos Module

A Process module to display help videos for the ProcessWire CMS. It can be used to make help videos (screencasts) available to content editors.

  • This module adds a 'Help Videos" section to the ProcessWire backend. The help videos are accessible through an automatically created page in the Admin page tree.
  • 1622945329_backend-view.thumb.png.06f01bd29b1796a8d015a880a591146d.png
  • You can add your help videos as pages in the page tree.
  • The module adds a hidden page to the page tree that acts as parent page for the help video pages.
  • page-tree.png.4cc923ed3c1fd9ef3a802d99e448325f.png
  • All necessary fields and templates will be installed automatically.
  • If there are already a CKEditor field and/or a file field for mp4 files installed in the system, the module will use those. Otherwise it will create the necessary fields.
  • Also the necessary templates for the parent help videos page and it's children are created on module install.
  • The module installs a permission process-helpvideos. Every user role that should have access to the help video section, needs this permission.

I use the help video approach on quite a few production sites. It is stable so far and well received by site owners/editors. Up until now I installed required fields, templates and pages manually and then added the module. Now I added all this logic to the install method of the module and it should be ready to share.

The module and further description on how to use it is available on github: https://github.com/gebeer/ProcessHelpVideos

If you like to give it a try, I am happy to receive your comments/suggestions here.

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