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Processwire UIKIT Themes for Newbies and Starters


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I was thinking of creating Processwire Themes for sale using UIKIT with SASS.

The themes would be coded into Processwire using fields and repeaters with a delayed output strategy with basic tutorials.

I came back to Processwire a few times as I couldn't get to grips but really glad I made the effort as WP was just hell.

I feel these would be good for newbies and starter points.

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this or would I be better off just creating UIKIT themes.

Screenshot attached.



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Even though I appreciate the idea of PW themes I think they would be somewhat limitating, fighting with the power of PW, where having your personal markup gives you freedom and uniqueness to projects.
Pure HTML themes, instead, (not being bound to strict fields/relations) might be more appealing to me.
If your goal is to make some revenue with them be aware that the market if fully saturated 🙂

My two cent here, of course 🙂

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Html the way to go.
I think focusing on developers instead of newbies would be better.

What about a component kit example say:

Navigation - 10 layouts
Hero pages - 10 layouts
Product pages - 10 layouts
Slider content - 10 layouts
News pages - 10 layouts
Data - 10 layouts

So you could pick and choose elements to create final theme.

If theres any issues that developers face regarding theming and designing applications would be great to know.



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