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Cannot display image descriptions


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Even when it was very intuitive I have read the docs at: https://processwire.com/docs/fields/images/

But still I've been unable to display image descriptions from my testImg field, here's my code:

		foreach($page->testImg as $image) {
			echo "<img src='{$image->url}'  alt='{$image->description}'  />";
			echo $image->description;

This is the output:

<img src='/old/site/assets/files/1122/02.gif' alt='' /><img src='/old/site/assets/files/1122/03.gif' alt='' />

And the field in use, don't know if maybe Im not using the correct field for description, but it's the only one I see when clicking an image



I thought that maybe it was because of the second language "Spanish" But I have deleted it, set to language default and still having the same result.

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Well it seems after I've deleted spanish language, the field is unable to save its description field in the page.

Already tried to:

- delete images, re-add them, write descriptions, save.. Didn't save the descriptions field

- delete field from template, delete field from PW, re-create field, add to template, add images with descriptions.. Didn't save the descriptions field

Don't know what have I broke or how to fix it.. Do I need to reinstall PW?

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4 minutes ago, Ivan Gretsky said:

Hey, @alanxptm!

I am just guessing, but maybe you got your description filled only in one language, but output the value of some other (probably default) language. And it is blank.

You're right. I was thinking on that too, but got confused because there isn't a description field for each language and the single one didn't save its text.

I have checked the box for "disable multilanguage descriptions" at edit field->input and now is working fine.

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