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Login/Register - custom field saving issue

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I have created a standard field type as userphone , then I added this field to the User template. I created a phone field type using Phone Field module. I added this field to the User template also.


Now I used the below to create a test user

 $u = new User();
$u->name = "saarun";
$u->email = "saarunthomas@example.com";
$u->pass = "123456";
$u->Phone = 9446196667;
$u->userphone = 9446196667;
$u->headline = "hello there";

and I tried to out put as below

     $item = $users->get("saarun");
echo $item->email;
echo $item->Phone;
echo $item->paid;
echo $item->headline;
echo $item->userphone;

and I got the output a below.  Neither the userphone value nor the Phone value are output ... what am I doing here wrong  ? pls help



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Do not use FieldtypeInteger for Phonenumbers, because the Mysql Datatype is INT and therefore the value is limited to 4 bytes strings (32bit).
You can use FieldtypeInteger only for numbers within the range from -2147483647 to 2147483647.

Use builtin FieldtypeText or FieldtypePhone (3d Party Module) for Phonenumbers.
The value of FieldtypePhone must be an instance of Phone (WireData derived object) otherwise it will be set to blank value. From the code:

     * If value not of instance Phone return empty instance


Edited by kixe
Added comment about the value of FieldtypePhone
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