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Dear all,

I'm just a beginner and I really like Processwire. However, I couldn't find any solution for developing ecommerce website. I'm planning to create an ecommerce website that accepts both credit cards /Visa and Master/ and paypal payments for a small business selling electronic books and also tshirts and other products in a few categories. How do implement it using Processwire? There seems to be no specific module. Is there one coming out soon? Or is it possible to integrate independent modules such as Magenta, Shopify, osCommerce or Prestashop etc.? I have never built a website with ecommerce functionality; so, it's a bit dreadful. But, I still would like to accomplish it using Processwire because I like how I can tweak with it using my own templates. Very nice to have my own templates on a Processwire based website. 

Please help / suggest anything. I agree I could be a complete noob in this direction.

Many many thanks in advance,


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Snipcart looks nice (though I've not tried it). I looked at it & the 2% of transactions fees on top of payment gateway fees put me off, plus only a few payment gateways are supported.

I've used Foxy.io (Foxy Cart) with ProcessWire on a site & it works really well*. Fees are low (approx £16/month) & loads of payment gateways are supported.

I'm happy so post/share code if anyone needs it.

*Big thanks go to both @netcarver an @Macrura for helping me with some of the datafeed integrations back to ProcessWire.

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5 hours ago, dab said:

i’m happy so post/share code if anyone needs it.

That’s really generous! 
I would be more than happy to take a look and use it for my next project. 
How can I get the files? 


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