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skip only empty fields in for loop


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Hi forum,

I have this list of fields with labels and I want to skip the displaying of labels for fields left empty (e.g. if field "logo" is not filled with an image, but it could also be text fields). Using count() and "continue" will always output either nothing or all labels.

Is there a way to use the "skipLabel" method in the loop?

foreach ($page->template->fields as $field) {

  if(!count($page->$field->logo)) {continue;}
  else {
  $etikette = $field->getLabel(); //get label in the current user language
  $content .= " <br><li class='pub-field'>$etikette<br> </li>"; //display labels as li
  $content .= $page->get($field->name) . "<br>"; // display values as li

Thanks for your help!

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