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Language (Tab) Order

Noel Boss

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Hi everyone 🙌

Is there a way to order the language tabs in the backend? Currently, they seem to be ordered based on the created date (or id?) …

( time passes … 🚶‍♂️)

Just answered my own question. One can reorder the languages in the page tree under admin » languages or directly in the DB » pages » template_id=54 » sord field.

Anyone knows if there are side effects when moving the default language from sort 0 to somewhere higher?

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On 10/29/2019 at 11:06 PM, d'Hinnisdaël said:

Is the default language tab still initially active after you increase its sort value? Or does PW always focus/activate the first visible tab?

Which tab is initially activated depends on the chosen user language. 

See \wire\modules\LanguageSupport\LanguageTabs.module line 69:

// determine the index of the tab for the user's language	
  $activeTab = 0;
  foreach($this->languages as $index => $lang) {
  if($lang->id == $language->id) $activeTab = $index;


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