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How to install processwire on Laragon?

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Between XAMP, WAMP and Laragon, laragon is presented as simpler. So I installed Laragon, to develop the site locally with processwire and transfer it online without manual rewriting of the paths.
But now I have no idea how to install processwire on laragon. Could someone tell me about an online tutorial, if it exists?
Or just the basic steps...
Also, I've already installed and written something on my processwire online site, so on laragon I have to install a copy of the installation already in place, right? Can this be done? Is it more complicated?

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Here is a more detailed answer with the steps you have to take: 

  • Download the ProcessWire Zip (or use one of the other install methods)
  • Unzip the file in your web root and rename it to the name how your project should be named
  • Open Laragon control panel 
  • Click "reload" button for Apache
  • This automatically creates a virtual host with the name of your folder like "processwire.dev" (I don't remember what is the default domain of Laragon, because I changed it to .localhost)
  • You can then navigate in your browser to this URL
  • You will see the ProcessWire installer and just have to follow the steps
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Hi, I'm not sure how to install Processwire on Laragon.
In which folder should I move exactly the decompressed folder of processwire?
I put it on C://laragon/www/processwire-master
and then I clicked on C://laragon/www/processwire-master/install.php but the installation does not start. Only, Clicking on it only shows me the list of contents of the file install.php.
Can someone please help me?

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Ok... I can install processwire on laragon clicking http://processwire-master.test/ on my browser. It's work.
http://localhost/processwire-master/ work well too.
http: //processwire-master.localhost don't work.

But born another problem: HOW CAN I CREATE A DATABASE?

I create a database on laragon, with new password new name new host, but processwire on laragon send me this message:



Now, is there a way to create a working database with laragon for processwire?


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Just use the root user with no password (of course only for development). See 


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