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Hooking buildFormContent() - set field parent_id to InputfieldPageAutocomplete


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It should be possible. You can use the methods of InputfieldWrapper on the return value of buildFormContent, retrieve the field by name, create the new Inputfield and insert that in the place of the original one with insertBefore()/insertAfter() and remove().

$wrap = $event->return;
$origFld = $wrap->get('parent_id');

$newFld = wire('modules')->get('InputfieldPageAutocomplete');
$newFld->attr('name', 'parent_id');
$newFld->attr('value', $origFld->attr('value'));
// do any other instantiation work, like setting/copying title, label etc.

$origFld->parent()->insertAfter($newFld, $origFld)->remove($origFld);
// done


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thank you. the problem i see is, that

$origFld = $wrap->get('parent_id');

is NULL. parent_id doesn't seem to be in $event->return
maybe this has to do with my module the hook lives in?

    public function ready() {
        $this->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::buildFormContent', $this, 'hookAfter_ProcessPageEdit_buildFormContent');


    public function hookAfter_ProcessPageEdit_buildFormContent($event) {
        $p = $event->object->getPage();
        $form = $event->return;


		$origFld = $form->get('parent_id'); // and here the NULL


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7 hours ago, martind said:

parent_id doesn't seem to be in $event->return

Try hooking after ProcessPageEdit::buildForm. ProcessPageEdit::buildFormContent only contains the page template fields and not the fields from the Children, Settings, etc tabs.

Another hurdle is that the value of InputfieldPageAutocomplete is always an array, and ProcessPageEdit expects the value of the parent_id field to be an integer.

This seems to be working:

$wire->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::buildForm', function(HookEvent $event) {
	/* @var InputfieldWrapper $form */
	$form = $event->return;
	$orig_pi_field = $form->getChildByName('parent_id');
	$attrs = [
	$new_pi_field = $event->wire('modules')->get('InputfieldPageAutocomplete');
	$form->insertAfter($new_pi_field, $orig_pi_field);
	foreach($attrs as $attr) {
		$new_pi_field->$attr = $orig_pi_field->$attr;
	$new_pi_field->maxSelectedItems = 1;

$wire->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::processInput', function(HookEvent $event) {
	/* @var InputfieldWrapper $form */
	$form = $event->arguments(0);
	if($form->id !== 'ProcessPageEditSettings') return;
	$pi_field = $form->getChildByName('parent_id');
	if(!$pi_field || !$pi_field->isChanged()) return;
	$parent_id = $pi_field->value;
	$parent_id = (int) reset($parent_id);
	/* @var Page $page */
	$page = $event->object->getPage();
	$page->parent_id = $parent_id;


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Hey @martind, just a heads-up that I've moved this topic to the General Support area of the forum. Modules/Plugins area is only intended for module-specific dedicated support threads (for third party modules), and this question is about a core feature 🙂

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