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Maintenance and development job


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    • By cstevensjr
      I found this website to be very interesting take on pricing websites and other development tasks.  
       I will be referencing this link to my clients so that they can get a realistic view of how things are priced.   Depending on where you live, this may or may not be much help to web developers/designers.
      Good Day.
    • By kixe
      Dear Community,
      As I checked "unpublished: Not visible on site" in the settings of the "home"-page, it is still available in the frontend!
      I know there must be something reachable under "/". But is there any option of a "maintanance work" site?

      Usually I do it with .htaccess. But would be nice to have a standard redirect after unpublishing the home site.

      ideas welcome!


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