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Processwire governance status ?

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sorry if the topic is covered elsewhere.
Background : I'm a part-time, for hobby (ie. not-for-a-living) processwire developer,
so I'm probably not very representative of the community,

Question : I'm wondering what is the "governance" status of processwire, these days ?
With this question, I mean that let's say we segment processwire as follows :
1- pw core / roadmap / Ryan new features
2- pw core / roadmap / community features requests
3- pw core / issues fixes
4- pw websites / main site
5- pw websites / forum
6- pw plugins ecosystem / Ryan commercial extensions
7- pw plugins ecosystem / community free + community commercial
8- pw weekly
My understanding of the current governance status is :
1- : This is Ryan's soverain decisions (for very good reasons 🙂 , with addition of some core members work (on some pull-requests).
3, 4- : This is also Ryan driven ; with several core community members doing the diagnosis & triage of issues
All the above activities (1, 3, 4), along with activity 2-, basically, are funded by the community purchasing Ryan commercial extensions (6).
5-, 8- : These are mostly run by several core community volunteer members.

Now I'm wondering about 2- :
What is the governance system for defining pw roadmap ? for "injecting" the community feature requests into pw roadmap ?
Is there some kind of "board" of core members + Ryan, for deciding on the prioritization of these things ? or something like that ?
Is there some kind of baseline defined for the breakdown of work on core activities 1- vs 2- vs 3- ?
As a not-for-a-living user, I don't have any special nor legitimate expectations about pw roadmap decision-taking (besides having a better understanding of what becomes a feature request which one deposits on github 🙂
But I guess the expectations must be different for other people, who are financially involved in pw ecosystem.

And as a side note, I'm also wondering about 7- , as my feeling is that a frontend merging of 6- (which would remain prime) and 7- would, I think, be key for a broader pw outreach beyond the current adopters, for the benefit of the whole community ; something similar to eg. https://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=marketplace/extension

thanks for your insights


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