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Jonathan Lahijani

How to get a Page field's ID only

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I have a Page field and in ProcessWire, I can get values from it like this:

$page->my_page_field; // returns the ID
$page->my_page_field->title; // return the title

Given my particular situation, I'm hitting an infinite loop as I documented here a few years ago:

Is there a way to ONLY get the raw ID of the assigned page without ProcessWire getting all the attributes of that page leading to the loop?

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On 9/22/2019 at 1:13 AM, Jonathan Lahijani said:

I see that if I enable auto-join for the field, then it circumvents the issue.  So that's one solution.

That sounds like a good solution. Are you not happy with it?

RockFinder2 might be overkill here, but if you have it available it might be an option:


"owner" is a regular single page field. Or if you need multi-page-values:


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