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Cant Empty Trash Issue

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Cant empty trash, how to fix this issue?

in trash i have 2 pages, but says "Deleted 6 pages", if one page in trash warning is "Delete 3 pages"  using 3.0.141 also tried 3.0.140 and 3.0.123 but not helps.  
only delete pages via "edit->delete menu".


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No only installed "WireMailSmtp" .

Tried "$pages->emptyTrash();" but still cant delete pages. 
pages table has only 2 pages in trash in database.

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Where do these pages come from?
Their names are either randomly generated or as I assume created by a module - maybe even a repeater or pageTable field.

Is your user a administrator/super user?

Who deleted those pages/put them in trash?

How did they end there? Manually deleting, API or module?

Are these pages somehow locked? (can be seen in their settings tab)

What templates do these pages use? Are these templates somehow special?

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1- dont know where these came from, maybe those pages not exist because. if in 3 pages in trash warning says 3x3 pages deleted( Deleted 9 pages - Not all pages could be deleted (3 remain) ).. always multiplier x3

2- yes superuser, new processwire installation currently in dev. Imported 7000 pages with api. Dont know when this bug starts.

3- Deleted with superuser. Pages not locked.

4- Created new template and created a page for test, still same problem.

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