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wireTempPath() deletes folder immediately


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Hi everyone

It seems that I don't fully understand the wireTempPath() function and I need some help.

I use wireTempPath() to create a new location in assets/cache/WireTempDir and than copy a pdf from the assets/files/page folder to the new folder. I want the file to be accessible only for a limited time, that's why I use wireTempPath.

The file seems to be copied to the right location, but gets deleted right afterwards, according to 

As mentioned in the topic above, 


prevents the file to be deleted. But I like the file to be automatically deleted after a few days. So, how can I do that?

My code so far (everything works, but the automatic removal of the tempDir folder):

//generate and show download link
$folder = time(); // timestamp as temporary folder
$maxAge = (int) $settings->options_downloadlink_valid_hours * 3600; //tempDir wants maxAge as seconds                
$options = array(
	'maxAge' => $maxAge

$wireTempDir = wireTempDir($folder, $options);
$src_file = $page->ebook_download->filename;

// Create a new directory in ProcessWire's cache dir
if(wire('files')->mkdir($wireTempDir, $recursive = true)) {
  if(wire('files')->copy($src_file, $wireTempDir)){                        
    //get subdirs from tempDir:
    $pos = strpos($wireTempDir, "WireTempDir");
    $subdir = substr($wireTempDir, $pos, 100);                

    $out .= "<p><a href='" . wire('pages')->get('template=passthrough')->httpUrl . "?file=" . $subdir . $page->ebook_download->basename . "' target='_blank'>$page->title</a></p>";  

I appreciate any ideas - thanks!


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sorry if I don't understand your question well, but maybe you can try something different?

Here is legendary @Soma post about working with files, please find some time to read that (maybe you will get different idea).
As example, if you use that concept, you can append some date-time field and later get automated page/file deletion (using cron job, or on page/file render checks).
This option by default hide file path, but also because in this case you work with files as ProcessWire pages you can integrate and get other benefits (counting , custom statistics, custom and unique share/file url, download password protection etc...).


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Olsa, thanks for Somas post. This might be a solution, if wireTempPath won't work. I still hope to get to work. The question is actually quite simple: How can I get wireTempPath to delete it's folders?

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I just noticed that the folders are deleted now. So maybe it's all fine now. Does anyone know how the deletion works? Does PW execute some cron jobs from time to time which runs over the temp directory?

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