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ProcessPageEditImageSelect: Change Cropping options


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Hi fellow developers!

I have a basic image field on my page. I would like to force a specific aspect ratio when user wants to crop the image. Module apparently uses crop.js for cropping features, and I found some settings related to it in ProcessPageEditImageSelect.js:

var cropSettings = {
    autoCrop: true,
    autoCropArea: 0.35,
    zoomable: false,
    rotatable: false,
    // etc ...

I would like to change these settings, but obviously I don't want to do so straight in module code (especially because it is in wire).

Question is: How can I refer to these settings somewhere safer? (For example I have admin.js where I already do some other stuff in admin pages located in site/templates/scripts)

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Hey @iipa – just a quick heads-up that I've moved this thread to the General Support area of the forum. Modules/Plugins area of the forum is dedicated for (third party) module support threads (of which there should be one per module), and this question is about a core module/feature 🙂

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