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Webshop whith ProcessWire


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As our software  department is heavily overworked we need to outsource some tasks. We are looking for someone who sets up a shop whith Processwire and extends it step by step. 

Features needed right at the beginning:
- Age verification on registration using german "Schufa" and identification via "Personalausweis" as fallback.
- Registration form that is limited to certain countries.
- Multiple attributes for products.
- Multiple customer groups whith different prices.
- Products are updated via uploaded CSV file that needs to be read into the system by cronjob.
- Template is bought from Template Moster or similar source and needs to be connected to the Processwire system.
- Export orders to Collmex (https://www.collmex.de/) Module for export can be done inhouse, as we have an example action for  Pagelister Pro already available.
- Simple blog or news page
- Some static pages for imprint, privacy policy, and several other pages needed by german laws.

As the specifications may change to some extend, we aim for support on an hourly basis.
All Modules and reusable elements that are created may be posted in the Processwire module directory. 

For further questions just ask or PM me. 

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