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Dumb questions 125 for newcomers


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What is the Submit button for after installing a Module.

I am not entirely sure, if the Green Submit Button is part of the installation process, or only there as part of the uninstall process.

IF it is part of the uninstall process, it might be better served to be contained in the Uninstall Div that pops open, when you check the Uninstall Checkbox 

Does it have anything to do with finalizing the Installation process of the module?


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23 hours ago, alxndre said:

There are some modules that have their own configurations/settings that are displayed on this page, which are applied using this submit button.

In addition to it, there are modules with no config but some sort of "action" which can optionally be applied, like in the case of the core Page Reference module. Either way, there should be a cog icon next to module names like these, which are the "Configurable Modules". You can list them by clicking on the Configure tab.

Note that in the case of updating configureable modules it is a good idea to perform a module refresh first then click the submit button so that possible configuration changes are applied.

Non-configurable modules are the ones you ask about.

23 hours ago, Aamirkhnp said:

Does it have anything to do with finalizing the Installation process of the module?

No, it doesn't. It's just a bit of a neglected UX design that the submit button is there to click even though the only option – which is the Uninstall checkbox – is not selected.

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