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Truncate leads to crazy link leftovers


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Did you found a solution for this?

I've got a similar/the same problem, which i just discovered on a live site 😱. For me headlines get underlined with "=" or "-", when i truncate text.

It seems like that in newer versions from ProcessWire (since 22 May) the markupToText function (https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/dev/wire/core/WireTextTools.php#L57), which is used by truncate when stripTags=true, got some new options like linksToUrls (your problem) and underlineHeadlines (my problem).

Unfortunately it seems not possible to set these options via the truncate function. I think truncate should set these options to false.

@ryan Ist this by intent? Is there a way to prevent this?


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