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datetime inputfield within custom inputfield - datepicker does not work

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For a custom fieldtype/inputfield that contains two datetime variables (start + end) I want use two datetime inputfields in the render method.
Everything works, except the datepicker does not appear... does anybody know why?

	public function ___render() {

		$name = $this->attr('name');
		$value = $this->attr('value');
		//getting values for start and end
		$start 	= $value->data["start"]->toDateTimeString();;
		$end 	= $value->data["end"]->toDateTimeString();

		//preparing inputfield
		$field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldDatetime');
		$field->set("label", __("Date"));

		$field->attr("class", "uk-form-width-medium ");
		$field->required = true;
		$field->datepicker = InputfieldDatetime::datepickerClick;
		$field->dateInputFormat = 'Y-m-d';
		$field->timeInputFormat = 'H:i';
		$field->timeInputSelect = 1;

		//setting first inputfield
		$renderedFieldStart = $field->render();

		//setting second inputfield
		$renderedFieldEnd = $field->render();

		$out = $renderedFieldStart.$renderedFieldEnd;

		return $out; 


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Does it render with InputfieldDateTimeDatePicker class to initialize? Are the Inputfield scripts loaded?

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ok, thanks elabx for the hint to look at this..
I compared the html output against a working datetime inputfield...
the solution is, I have to set the class by hand... I tought it works automatically by setting $field>datepicker... but thats not true

		$field->attr("class", "FieldtypeDatetime InputfieldDatetimeDatepicker InputfieldDatetimeDatepicker1"); // I have to set the datepicker class by hand (1, 2 or 3)

		$field->datepicker = InputfieldDatetime::datepickerClick; // this is not needed, because it´s not working

so... I have a working date/time picker now, by setting the right class like this

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